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Real Estate Investors Are Recruiting Bird Dogs

Be a Bird Dog: Great Job or Business Opportunity:
Either Way, A Roadmap to Independence.

Earn extra cash working for real estate investors. This is an excellent employment opportunity for high school or college students, for stay-at-home parents (moms or dads), for persons looking to make a career change, for retirees, for aspiring real estate investors - those who who want to get into real estate investing - FOR ANYBODY!

BIRD DOGS in U.S. History

Recruitment of Indian scouts was first authorized on 28 July 1866 by an act of Congress. "The President is authorized to enlist and employ in the Territories and Indian country a force of Indians not to exceed one thousand to act as scouts, who shall receive the pay and allowances of cavalry soldiers, and be discharged whenever the necessity for further employment is abated, at the discretion of the department commander ." (U.S. Congress. 1866. 39th Congress. 1st session.)
BIRD DOGGING is a way to earn cash working for real estate investors without you risking the money you don't have to invest in real estate yourself. It's a lot of work but it can be enjoyable and the pay is fantastic if you hook up with an investor who appreciates your diligence and hard work. And who knows? Your efforts could result in you becoming a "commander" in need of a "scout". It could happen.

Real estate bird dogs earn FINDER'S FEES. Bird dogging is a great way to learn the real estate business without losing your money trying to invest. It's a great employment opportunity because most often you work at your own pace and can work around an already full schedule. It's a great business opportunity because the investor you work for may just become the partner you work with one day!

    "Everybody says real estate investing is a proven wealth builder." ~ Guess what? FACT! Keep reading.


Build Wealth Through Real Estate

- Without Investing Real Estate

How accurate is your credit score?Everybody says real estate investing is a proven wealth builder.

Better than other wealth building system out there.

But is it true?


- But you have no education, no experience and no cash. Also, it's scary because you've heard that real estate investing carries enormous risks and high start-up costs. Some investors have lost all of their savings from a bad investment! Is it true? Yes!

- So no matter how true it is that real estate investing is a great path to financial freedom, for you, it will never happen. Or will it?

- Want to know how to get a piece of the wealth that is to be found in real estate investing?

- There's a buzzword among investors for people like you who want to get in on the action. The buzzword is "bird-dogging".

    "Successful investors are sometimes so successful they don't have the time to work! " ~ Guess what? FACT! Keep reading.



- Bird dogging is a team effort between "commander" and "scout".

Property Management SoftwareQuestion: What is the work of a real estate investor?
- Answer: Investing in profitable real estate.

Successful investors are sometimes so successful they don't have the time to work!
For real!

They know that there are potential real estate deals everywhere and they are certain that they're probably missing out on some very lucrative deals. Only they don't have the time to find them. If only they could pay someone who does have time, to act as a "scout" , find those deals, and report back to them. A scout explores an area to obtain information.

Successful investor equals "commander".
- You, i.e. the "bird dog", be the "scout".

Bird-dogs search out real property owners who are anxious to sell their properties. This could include owners with foreclosures, divorces or a death in the family, as well as properties that are abandoned, lacking attention or are in disrepair. Or a bird-dog can make an agreement with an investor friend (or non-friend) you know (or Trump-like-god that you dare to approach) and search for whatever kind of properties he or she, the investor, want to buy.

Bird dogs explore and obtain information regarding the real estate and present it to the investor. If the investor follows up and buys the property, the investor will pay the bird-dog a 'finder's' or 'referral' fee for their research services. You could negotiate an hourly base rate.

There is no one set standard bird dog contract that applies to everybody.


So why should anybody be a bird dog?

Click Here for a free insurance quote!Maybe you were laid-off or downsized. This could be a self-employment opportunity.

- Maybe you're about to graduate from high school or college and your parents informed you that they rented a U-Haul truck for your graduation gift and the day after graduation you're on your own but you don't have a job! (It has happened. )

- Maybe you're retired but your retirement check is barely paying the bills.

- Maybe you're a woman who needs or wants to make a career change.

Guess what? ~ IT DOESN'T MATTER!!

Does bird dogging sound like a job opportunity that would interest you?

- If you would be interested in a bird-dogging for an investor in the Houston and Galveston, Texas areas, review the section titled "SPOTLIGHT on Cody Michael". Mr. Michael is looking for reliable scouts who can locate real estate. NO EXPERIENCE, EDUCATION or SPECIAL SKILLS REQUIRED. Right now, FREE TRAINING is being offered to get you started.

    "Bird dogging is an awesome employment opportunity if you have a great boss." ~ Guess what? FACT!

SPOTLIGHT on Cody Michael

There are others ... but none like Mr. Michael!

Bird dogging is an awesome employment opportunity if you have a great boss, i.e. an investor you can work with and who is willing to pay you to locate profitable real estate for sale.

If you are in the Houston and Galveston Texas areas, Cody Michael fits this "investor profile".

Currently, individuals looking to learn to get into real estate and investing are working with and for Mr. Michael. They're starting out by finding profitable deals for him to either buy and/or flip out to his clients. Mr. Michael (or Cody) is in the process of formulating a series of emails for his students that will get them started working from home making offers and networking for him. While his students engage in these activities they will at the same time learn what it takes to be successful and how to profitably invest in real estate.

Cody has already created a network of student employees who receive commissions for each successful deal they bring. He also instructs his students on how to build their own team and business using what they have learned from him.

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