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Need to sell your home fast? A mortgage assignment could be the solution.

NEED HELP? Why wait? Don’t hesitate. Don’t procrastinate.

Get information from qualified and reliable professionals on how to avoid foreclosure, sell your house, and protect your credit.  Let them clearly explain to you the benefits of a mortgage assignment.

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Did You Owner Finance the Sale of Your Residence?

If you created a private owner finance note to sell your home and now you're stuck with CASH DELAY instead of CASH TODAY, let CINEX Notes Services buy your private real estate note!


†    Real Estate Investing in the Rainbow Nation

South Africa is sometimes referred to as The Rainbow Nation, because of its multiracial and multicultural society. There is East, West, North and South Africa. No one has ever debated that the continent of Africa is the place for gold, diamonds and prime real estate. If interested in international investing opportunities, why not begin looking for prime real estate in South Africa?

†    Why Invest in Panama Real Estate?

Real estate investing in Panama is encouraged. Foreigners are just as welcome as the citizens and it is a preferred retirement haven.

†    Buying a Timeshare Property - Best Tips EVER!

A timeshare is a piece of real property shared/owned by multiple partners. But what are the benefits to such an arrangement?


Owning island realty is a tropical reality, not just for celebrities.

†    C-Tex Property Solutions

Independent real estate investors offering quick, easy and reasonable solutions to assist private homeowners with the sale of their property. We also work with other investors, accepting referrals or making referrals. Though based in Texas, we buy and sell properties nationwide.

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** Complement, Protect, Grow your Individual Retirement Account. Now is the best time to increase your retirement money through real estate.  Get "The Real Smart IRA & Guide to Alternative Investments".

** Buy Real Estate with Your IRA

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How would you like the ability to check in on your house, wherever you are, from your cell phone or computer?

There's an inexpensive way to use your cell phone or computer to protect your home when you're not home.


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Use the Rehab Offer Calculator and Instantly calculate repair costs.

** Quickly and easily determine the right price to pay for any rehab or fixer upper property based on:  ~ repairs needed ~ estimated rent ~ expenses and ~ desired cash flow.

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