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Need to sell your home fast? A mortgage assignment could be the solution.

A Mortgage Assignment is Not an Assignment of Mortgage

Some people may confuse the terms “mortgage assignment” and “assignment of mortgage”. These two processes are not the same.

  • An “assignment of mortgage” is when the debt, (i.e. the mortgage) owed to a party (usually a bank or other institutional lender) is assigned (or sold) by the lender to another party. The debtor or borrower (i.e. party who owes the money) begins remitting payments to the new lender. THE LENDER CHANGED. Not the borrower.
  • A “mortgage assignment”, more correctly termed a “mortgage payments assignment”, is where one party takes over the mortgage payments for the original borrower begins remitting payments to the same old lender. THE BORROWER CHANGED. Not the lender.

A “Mortgage Assignment” is a creative financing strategy that was at one time a well kept secret, but is now taking the country by storm. In addition to Owner Finance and very similar to Assuming a Loan, any one (i.e. private parties) can now Assign Payments of a Loan.

Owners who are trying to sell property, but (a) have little to no equity or negative equity and (b) can not sell because they would have to take money they do not have to the table - have 3 options.

Options 1 and 2, try a short sale or loan modification, are not proving to be feasible because of a lack of cooperation from banks or other institutional lenders.

Option 3, however, is where, one group of Texas investors have stepped in.

They have developed a creative financing solution for sellers who can’t sell and buyers who can’t get loans, which is also a savvy investment strategy for them. No money, no credit and low risk. Profits like: $5k up front; $200+ per month; and $10-30k on the back end. Investors can easily make up to $40k on a property using two simple steps.


Help sellers get out from their underwater mortgage and allow them to walk away with credit intact (getting better as payments are being made on the loan) and


Allow buyers with no credit, who can afford a down payment on the home, to buy a home which the banks would not finance.

+ A Mortgage Assignment is legal and it can be done with a non-assumable loan.

+ A Mortgage Assignment can be a means of stopping a foreclosure.

+ A Mortgage Assignment can help stave off bankruptcy.

+ Some say that a Mortgage Assignment is better than a Short Sale.

Could be an opinion. Could be a fact.

Could be an opinion based on fact.

No matter, this article is about the plusses of a Mortgage Assignment.

  • ± HUD, that’s the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development – (in case a reader is dyslexic - HUD or HUB, HUB or HUD?) – The HUD actually has something called a Mortgage Assignment program (or is it an Assignment of Mortgage ???). Of course, like all government programs you have to “qualify” and since it is a government program it is not safe from the CBA, “Congressional budget ax”.  Here is a link from the official government HUD site:  Talk to a Housing Counselor.

± PLUS or MINUS? You decide.

Here's the FINAL PLUS:

+ Cody Michael is not from the government and he's qualified to help you.

There are no doubt many real estate investors utilizing this finance technique around the country, but in Texas, Cody Michael is a real estate investor based in the Houston/Galveston areas who works with a group of investors and a real estate attorney, and together these reliable investors employ their mortgage assignment finance strategy nationwide.  So you don't have to be a Texas resident to utilize their services.  They have state standard contracts for ALL 50 states and they can assist you. Furthermore, there are attorneys on Cody’s team who are licensed loan originators which means they are in compliance with applicable SAFE Act provisions.  So you’re safe too!

For more in-depth information, Cody provides these documents to interested parties free of charge:

* I M P O R T A N T * N O T E *



Conventional, FHA, VA, etc.


If you think a mortgage assignment is not the right solution and won't work, connect with Cody anyway.  He can help you find a creative solution that will work.  Most folks don’t know how many options are available to address their specific real estate challenge.  



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  • Is there somewhere you want to go?
  • Are you unable to move because you can not sell your home?
  • A mortgage assignment could be the solution.

A reliable Mortgage Assignment Professional, "Home Solutions Specialist", like Cody Michael, can help get where you want to go.

Int'l Business Times Reports

No way to sugarcoat it.

The U.S. housing market remains a buyer's market. That said, are there ways home sellers can better-position their home for a sale amid such intense competition?

Indeed there are.  Here are:

- - The Secure and Fair Enforcement (SAFE) Mortgage Licensing Act established standards for the licensing and registration of state-licensed mortgage loan originators ...

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Earn extra cash working for real estate investors. No experience needed.  Training provided.  This is an excellent employment opportunity for high school or college students, for stay-at-home parents, retirees ...

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Stop Foreclosure With Mortgage Assignment

See why Mortgage Assignment (M.A.) is better than Short Sales, Bankruptcy or Foreclosure.  Find out how to determine if a M.A. will work for you.

We try to keep up!

Homeowners who can't make current mortgage payments may have a remedy: Principal write-down.  Read more at:

New Options for Homeowners Facing Foreclosure
Posted January 10, 2012

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